Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Contemporary Art: Mark Tansey`s Reverb @ Gagosian, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Mark Tansey is one of my favorite artists. I admire how he mixes reality with fiction and plays surrealist games on canvas. Gagosian, a global art seller empire, has now an exhibition almost exclusively for a new work by this artist. On Manhattan 821 Park Avenue, just a small room on the ground floor, they display his painting "Reverb" (2017, oil on canvas, 84 × 60 inches unframed (213.4 × 152.4 cm). The show runs through March 25, 2017 (gagosian). 

According to the press release is "each of Tansey's paintings a visual and metaphorical adventure in the nature and implications of perception, meaning, and interpretation in art" (mark-tansey).

From the press release:
"At the center of a composition, a man and a woman in evening dress stand before a wall of framed pictures, engaged in conversation. The woman, reflected in a mirror, gazes out at the viewer while the man gestures towards her. In the images on the walls, drawn from magazines and newspapers, cultural icons—Woody Allen, Diana Vreeland, Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx, and many others—are seen, making similarly conversational and theatrical gestures. The frames recede, morphing into the swooping lines of diagrams drawn by physicist Richard Feynman. The diagrams, which describe the mathematical relationships of subatomic particles, speak to the connections that Tansey has set up between his principal figures".

As a bonus there also is table-like sculpture, called "Wheel": "Three concentric wooden circles rotate independently of one another. On top of each circle, he engraved a myriad of phrases such as “ideological butterflies” or “the archive.” As the circles rotate, phrases align in different combinations, producing statements to be translated into imagery".


PS If you want to see more works by this great artist you might visit the Broad in Los Angeles which has a nice Tansey collection (here my report driveby).

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