Friday, March 24, 2017

Technology: Welcome To The New World Of Medicine - Impressions From Interphex 2017 New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - The world of medicine is changing fast, driven by new technologies.  This week my wife and I visited Interphex 2017, an expo & conference which showed the latest development & manufacturing technologies for the pharmaceutical & biotechnological industry (interphex). The organizers had amassed more than 800 exhibitors in Manhattan´s huge Javis Center I believe. The show was - as one exhibitor put it  - "seasoned by science and fueled by curiosity". 

The vast exhibition looked like the set of a science fiction movie, a certainly non-dystopian version. We could see a lot of robots and other machines & structures. I am an economist and no expert in medical technologies, but I was fascinated by the exhibits. Many had a beauty of their own.

My favorite robot was the Festo Aqua Jelly ( exhibited by the German company Festo. The device is "an artificial autonomous jellyfish in water, a self-controlling system which emulates swarming behaviour". Like their natural model, the AquaJellies glide elegantly and seemingly effortlessly through the water". According to their website "Festo is visualizing potential and ideas of how efficient systems in the field of water technology may look in the future".

                                                               Levitating Freely

The booth of Levitronix (levitronix) impressed me as well. They call themselves" the worldwide leader in magnetically levitated Bearingless Motor technology, specializing in supplying medical blood pumps to the medical community and ultra-pure fluid handling devices for Microelectronics, Life Science and Industrial applications". Above you can see a metal ball just trapped by magnetic powers -  seemingly levitating freely in the air.

Many exhibits looks like some avantgardist sculptures & installations you can find in art galleries and in places like New York`s New Museum. The dryer by FluidAir is really an eye catcher and seems to be very useful (fluidairinc).

Some of the devices blend shiny elegance with sheer power.

Others fascinated by their filigree structures like sophisticated watches. Above vacuum systems by Symex ( & sensors by sensors by Crane (cranecpe).

                                         A Glance Into A Spaceship?

I have no idea what this machines are doing but they look like they are imported from the future

Some areas of the huge exhibition looked like a glance into a spaceship.

Welcome to the new world of medicine!

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