Sunday, April 16, 2017

Contemporary Art: A Gallery Walk In Chelsea New York, Spring 2017

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York`s Chelsea district is a mecca of contemporary art. I use to go there sometimes because there is a cluster of ambitious art galleries who have frequently important exhibitions. Recently I posted already about the Albert Oehler show which I enjoyed while my latest visit there (driveby) . But there was much more to see. Here are some pics from my recent pilgrimage to Chelsea, a very subjective selection as usual.

Above you can see some installations by Robert Therrien @ Gagosian (555 West 24th Street, through may 2016, 2017  gagosian). According to the press release some of the contained objects are found, others made.

I spotted the images above this paragraph @ C24 Gallery (560 West 24th Street  c24gallery). They show paintings by Christian Vincent. The exhibition is called "Through the Frame" (through April 26, 2017  vincent). According to the press release the Los Angeles based artist "explores and illuminates social behavior, conformity and isolation in the post-industrial world".

Above this paragraph you can see "Blind Spot" followed by "Web", "Periscope", "Untitled", "Dissolve", "Gap" & "Through the Frame". The paintings are all created in 2016 and oil on canvas.

Above some abstracts which I found @ Max Laniado Gallery (522 West 23rd Street visiodellarte ). The paintings are created by Kaloon Chhour who was born 1968 in China and lives now in France.

Above another painting spotted @ Max Laniado. This work is created by Cosmina. She is a French citizen and born in Romania.


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