Saturday, April 22, 2017

Culture: Caspian @ Irving Plaza, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I like atmospheric heavy metal. Fortunately my wife shares this taste. Yesterday we went to Irving Plaza, a rock venue in Manhattan´s midtown to attend a concert with 3 groups: The Uncured, Caspian & Katatonia. I chose these event because of Caspian, an instrumental band from Massachusetts. Wikipedia labels their sound as post-rock, what ever that means (wikipedia).

Caspian was better than expected. The virtuous band delivered very heavy & atmospheric pieces with psychedelic elements. I indulged into their melodic yet powerful riffs. The stage was kept mostly in dark with stroboscopic light which intensified the experience.  The intense sound in combination with the light show created the illusion of a shamanic ritual. Wow!

The event started with Uncured, a young heavy metal band which reminded me a bit of Slayer (uncuredband ). But the talented musicians showed their own ideas & delivered speedy riffs with fine melodic lines. I think we will here more from this band in future.

We didn´t like Katatonia. Their songs seemed too soft & cheesy for our taste and we left the concert during their second piece. Thanks to the fine performance of Uncured & Caspian the event was a lot of fun anyway. Thanks to all.

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