Sunday, April 30, 2017

Culture: Placebo @ WiZink Center Madrid

(Drivebycuriosity) - Rock music can be pure magic. Yesterday my wife and I watched a performance by Placebo @ Madrid`s WiZink Center. It looked like the huge hall (capacity 15,500 people) was sold out.

For over more than 2 hours the British rock band delivered a fascinating melange of very different styles and performed catchy pop songs with massive walls of sound. The virtuous musicians showed their experience of 20 years stage performance and created fascinating sound pictures accompanied by an intoxicating light show.

The androgynous voice of front man Brian Molko harmonized perfectly with elements of punk, heavy metal & grunge & industrial rock and pleased the people who came to dance & celebrate as well as the head-bangers.

Their song "The Bitter End" - my favorite of the show - culminated into an orgasm of sound & light. The final,  a Kate Bush cover, developed into space rock.

 It was a hell of a party. Thank you Placebo, we want to see you again someday.

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