Thursday, June 8, 2017

Contemporary Art: Foulkes & Pettibon @ David Zwirner New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - David Zwirner belongs to the global art gallery empires ( davidzwirner). I love to go to their Chelsea New York branch to discover fascinating new works of art.  Recently I saw there 2 interesting exhibitions: Raymond Pettibon "TH' EXPLOSIYV SHOYRT T" & Llyn Foulkes.

 I don´t know what "TH' EXPLOSIYV SHOYRT T" means but I found the Pettibon show entertaining. Above you can see some images from the exhibition.

The press release declares "Pettibon's work embraces a wide spectrum of American high and low culture, from the deviations of marginal youth to art history, sports, religion, politics, sexuality, and literature. Taking their point of departure in the Southern California punk-rock scene of the late 1970s and 1980s and the do-it-yourself aesthetic of album covers, comics, concert flyers, and fanzines that characterized the movement, his drawings have come to occupy their own genre of potent and dynamic artistic commentary" (explosiyv).

Above more images from the Pettibon show.

                                                   Where Did I Go Wrong?

Below you can see images from the Llyn Foulkes exhibition.  The press release says   
"including exemplary works from 1964 to 2005, the exhibition comprises three series that define Foulkes's six-decade-long career: mountainous landscapes, "bloody head" portraits, and narrative tableaux" (foulkes).

"Foulkes's singular oeuvre has inhabited and excavated the remains of the American West and its attendant promise of freedom and prosperity".

Above you can see "Where Did I Go Wrong?" (1991, 74 1/8 x 56 3/4 inches (188.3 x 144.1 cm) followed by "To Ub Iwerks (Portrait of Walt Disney)" (1995, 25 1/2 x 21 7/8 inches (64.8 x 55.6 cm) & "Art Official" (1985, 55 x 46 inches (139.7 x 116.8 cm).

 Above "Nob Hill" (1964-1965, 1/2 x 107 1/4 inches (166.4 x 272.4 cm) &  "The Splash" (1984, 72 x 96 inches (182.9 x 243.8 cm).


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