Saturday, June 17, 2017

Movies: My Cousin Rachel

(Drivebycuriosity) - British novelist Daphne du Maurier has inspired a row of interesting movies, including 2 Hitchcock films - "Birds" & "Rebecca" and the sinister but fascinating "Don`t Look Now", directed by Nicolas Roeg. This drew my attention to another movie adaption of her novels: "My Cousin Rachel", which is now running in US cinema theaters (imdb).

The film is passable but doesn`t play in the league of the above mentioned movies. The plot, set in the 19th century England (Cornwall), is about a complicated relationship and about leeriness & jealousy. The story didn´t work for me, the plot is a bit too old fashioned for my taste and not really plausible. But the amazing cinematography overcompensated the flaws of the plot. Cinematographer Mike Eley worked almost like a painter and created amazing images. The cast is another plus. I enjoyed watching Rachel Weisz as the mysterious cousin, but I was even more impressed by the supporting actors who played as peasants & servants, especially by Tim Barlow (born 1936) in the role of the butler & administrator.

"My Cousin Rachel" may work for movie lovers who have a taste in beautiful shot historical mysteries.

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