Thursday, July 20, 2017

Movies: Lady Macbeth

(Drivebycuriosity) - What can you do on a hot & steamy summer day? My wife & I decided to spend the afternoon in a chilled cinema theater where we watched the movie "Lady Macbeth" (imdb). The film - based on a Russian novella from 1859 -  is advertised as a feminist drama set in 19th century England.

A young woman gets sold in a marriage with the son of a mine owner. Her husband is much older than her, rude & sexually neglecting her. As a response for being insulted and treated badly by husband & the abrasive father in-law she falls for one of her employees, a man with the appearance & charm of a cave man, who is even more brutal than her husband but less neglecting. Her growing obsession with the brute leads to a chain of violent & bloody events (this is a spoiler free blog).

The film doesn´t work for me, the plot was too challenging & unpleasant for my taste, but I got some comfort by cinematographer Ari Wegner who created stunning images. I also was impressed by the performance of Florence Pugh in the leading role.

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