Friday, July 21, 2017

Photography: Aren`t Construction Places Beautiful

(Drivebycuriosity) - I am fascinated by New York City. There is so much to see and there are ubiquitous motifs for an ambitious amateur photographers like me. I took a lot pictures from the construction places which are mushrooming all over the city (all taken this year with an iPhone 7 Plus).

These places add to the beauty & diversity of the metropolis. As you can see here they enhance the complexity of the cityscape and are making New York`s skyline even more dynamic. Above you can see pics from a growing towers in Tribeca (one eleven Murray Street), at East River and on the Bowery.

I am especially fascinated by the huge cranes. They look powerful yet delicate & their colors - often red - are an important part of New York´s face. The pics above this paragraph were taken at the mega construction places @ Hudson Yard, Essex Crossing and the East River.

                                                    Method In Chaos

Some places look like filigree art installations. Look how they (here @ Essex Crossing again) harmonize with the sky above them.

And often the combination of structures & colors resembles contemporary paintings.

Construction places seem to be chaotic but there is some method in it.

The powerful earth moving machines have a spell of their own.


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