Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York City: Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Blossoms In The Rain

These days New York City shows herself from her nasty side. It`s chilly and rainy. The streets are littered with melting snow and puddles. But there are some signs of spring - it´s Fashion Week again. Last week New York´s Spring Fashion Week started which is running through February 14th (mbfashionweek). As usual this event, which allows a glance to the fashion for the next fall season,  transforms the city into a mecca for the world of glamour.

Any day you can see a lot of beautiful girls on Manhattan`s streets, but this bi-annual meeting attracts herds of gorgeous models from all over the world. Now you can spot flocks of these beautiful creatures swirling in the heart of the city.

As last year ("The Different Flavors Of God Herself"  drivebycuriosity) I used the occasion and pilgrimaged to the Lincoln Center at the Metropolitan Opera - where the sponsor Mercedes-Benz has a tent serving as the center of gaudy spectacle.

I really appreciate that the models - who are racing to and from the tent - are very cooperative. Many willingly brake their swift walks and are posing for the photographers. Sometimes you could harvest a smile which brings a bit of sunshine into the chilly February day.

As usual a lot of photographers and other spectators are gathering at the Lincoln Center. Some of them are beautiful and fashionable dressed and could be easily confused with the models.

Maybe all the glamour helped.  Today, the 6th day of the event,  most of the snow has melted away and the sun reappeared competing with all the fashionable beauties.

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