Thursday, June 6, 2013

Movies: The Wall (Die Wand)

(Drivebycuriosity) -  Imagine suddenly and unprepared you are totally on your own? This is the basic idea for the Austrian/German movie "The Wall" (Die Wand  imdb). The film tells the story of a woman who spends a weekend in a hunting lodge in the Austrian mountains (Alpen) when suddenly an invisible wall appears and bars her from the rest of world. It is a modern Robinson Crusoe story. Alone, just accompanied by a dog and a cow, this involuntary hermit has to struggle for her existence in a paltry mountain environment. The voice-over (in English) lets the audiences participate in her hopes, fears & philosophies.

The German actress Martina Gedeck convinces as the hermit, a role which reminds me a bit of Tom Hanks in "Cast Away". Her face displays the despair, but also the power that keeps her alive. The cinematography by Markus Fraunholz shows a gorgeous mountain landscape and makes the changes of the seasons part of the plot. Especially the winter pictures are gorgeous.

"Die Wand" is a beautiful meditation about a solitarily life in the nature without any human support.

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