Friday, June 28, 2013

Movies: World War Z

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you want to experience state of the art action cinema? Then you should watch "World War Z" (imdb).  A super fast spreading virus transforms people into raging zombies who almost overrun the whole earth. The survivors have to find a vaccination to stop the zombie infection.

This idea is plausible but not new. We have seen a virus induced zombie epidemic before in "28 Days later" by director Danny Boyle. But the producers developed this topic further and delivered a stringent and haunting tale. They also gave the zombies even more more dynamic and speed and created tsunamis of those menacing and frantic corpses. Thanks to the awesome digital effects and the brilliant 3D photography the attacks of undead masses almost looks real and scary.

The real actors were just support of course. But Brad Pitt delivered a solid performance and proved again why he is one of the top earners in Hollywood. He showed a convincing combination of family man and action hero.  Daniela Kertesz, who acted almost unrecognizable as an Israeli soldier, had also a memorable appearance.

"World War Z" is the prefect summer cinema to chill you down and helps you to forget a bit of the daily treadmill.

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