Monday, September 30, 2013

New York City: Visiting Art Studios At DUMBO, Brooklyn

(Drivebycuriosity) - There is so much to discover in New York City.  Yesterday my wife and I visited the Art Festival in DUMBO Brooklyn, New York City.

DUMBO  is one of the these acronyms the Americans so love: Down Under Manhattan Bridge. I don´t know where they borrowed the O from. Anyway, as the name says the place is below the Brooklyn end of the Manhattan Bridge, one of the famous connections between Manhattan and Brooklyn. DUMBO is a postindustrial area. A lot of former factory building are now used as offices, cafes, bookshops, pubs and art studios (dumbo).

DUMBO reminds me of the fashionable Meatpacking district in Manhattan. The rents there have been exploding and forced many artists to go to cheaper places. This gentrification is now creating new blossoms like  Brooklyn´s uprising DUMBO area.

Last weekend´s DUMBO Art Festival, one of the ubiquitous public events in New York City, triggered the studios owners to open their doors temporary for the public. We used the occasion and glanced into the working places of painters, sculptors, photographers and other artists. It was interesting to spot the birth places of different art forms.

Here some pics from yesterday`s tour.


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