Monday, December 16, 2013

Culture: Institute Of Contemporary Art, Boston

(Drivebycuriosity) - I enjoy contemporary art. This is so much fun. When I am visiting a large city I try to see the local museum of contemporary art because they are full of surprises. In October I indulged in Chicago`s Museum of Contemporary Arts (driveby). Last week during a short stay in Boston (USA) I visited the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) there (icaboston).

The museum offers a contrast program to a city which is focused on America`s history. The place is located on Boston´s waterfront where I could watch flocks of sail ships dancing on the calm water, a scene which reminded me a bit of the Kieler Förde, a bay at Northern Germany`s Baltic See coast.

The exhibitions deliver the usual pleasures: Inebriant compositions of colors and shapes, new ideas, some provocations.

I especially relished an exhibition which shows the works of Christina Ramberg (running through March 2, 2014). The painter displays a very special view of fashion and the female body (google).


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