Friday, July 18, 2014

Culture: Street Art - What`s Going On In Lower Manhattan - July 2014 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - It seems Manhattan is a Mecca for street art lovers. Almost any day some new mural or other images are popping up, at least in the downtown area. Since my latest street art report from may 2014 (driveby) I discovered a lot new works on the streets of Soho, East Village and Lower East Side.

My favorite newcomer is a gorgeous mural by the Australian artist Anthony Lister (top of this post). You can find the work on Allan Street in Manhattan`s neighborhood Lower East Side. It  seems the wall belongs to Epstein´s Bar, a popular hangout for college kids and young "bridge-and-tunnel people". (Do they notice this art work when they party there?) Lister also has a current exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, another neighborhood in downtown Manhattan (through July 26, 2014  jonathanlevine).

Another favorite of mine is the "robot" art by Nick Kuszyk (rrobots) at the corner of East Houston & Elizabeth Street (Lower East Side). This mural belongs to the fashion store Rag & Bone, that frequently commissions street artists.

And there are more new murals, of course. I especially like the cityscape in trompe l'oeil style which I found in the East Village neighborhood.

There are also new roller shutter murals (displays sprayed on shop gates) which are typical for the Lower East Side.

.....and of course more stencils (driveby).

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

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