Sunday, September 7, 2014

New York City: Fall Fashion Week 2014 - Queens Of Glamour

(Drivebycuriosity) - NewYork City is not only the world capital of finance. The metropolis is also one of the global centers of the fashion industry. 2 times a year the city turns into a mecca for the world of glamour and celebrates the "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week" (mbf). The bi-annual event is a huge boon for New York`s economy. The events infuse yearly around $850 million into the city’s economy, estimates the New York City Economic Development Corporation (vancouver).

This Fall Fashion Week, sponsored as usual by the German carmaker  Daimler - owner of the brand "Mercedes Benz" - and other companies, shows the Spring/Summer 2015 collections (through September 11th).

Like in the years before (driveby) last week I pilgrimed to the Lincoln Center - a huge place before the Metropolitan Opera - where the main sponsor has his tent which is the center of the glamorous event.

Again I enjoyed seeing lots of gorgeous women. It seems that the Fashion Week is one of the occasions where stalking is not just allowed, it may be even welcome. Models are used to be spotted and the billion dollar fashion business needs the eye of the public. As usual the models there acted very professional and cooperative. They broke their rush from place to place for photographers and even posed and smiled for humble  bloggers like me.

                                                        The Empress

If all the models shown here are queens of glamour, the gorgeous person displayed below was their empress. Unfortunately I don`t know her name, a Google image-search didn`t help. But anyway - she ruled the place.

But there was a lot of competition of course as you can see.

I had much fun there. Thanks to all the friendly graces.


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