Saturday, September 7, 2013

New York City: Fall Fashion Week 2013 - The Empire Of Beauty

(Drivebycuriosity) - Photographers and spectators are pilgrimaging to the Lincoln Center in Manhattan, New York City. And the air there is full of perfumes. It must be Fashion Week again.

Indeed, last Thursday the New York Fashion Week began, which is branded Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (newyorkfashionweek). The huge spectacle is running through Thursday September 12. There are a lot of events all over Manhattan and the Mercedes Benz tent close to the Metropolitan Opera house at Manhattan`s Lincoln Center, which is actually a temporary building, is now the center of the fashion universe.

A Glance Into The Future

The Fashion Week also is a glance into the future, kind of. Hundreds of designers and top models from all over the world are showing the designs for the next spring season. As usual this event transforms the city into a mecca for the world of glamour.

As at the former events last spring and in 2012 I went to the place before the Metropolitan Opera and joined the flock of onlookers  ("The Different Flavors Of God Herself"  driveby). I am not an expert, I am just a humble blogger and don`t possess an accreditation for these exclusive events. But I`m curious and I enjoy the looks combined with the phantasy of the designers.

The Fashion Week is one of the occasions where stalking is not just allowed, it may be even welcome. Models are used to be spotted and the billion dollar fashion business needs the eye of the public.

 Adoring Gorgeous Faces

 It seems to me that the models are getting prettier from event to event. A lot of gorgeous faces could be adored at the gathering and connections place close to the Metropolitan opera house.

As usual the models are very professional and cooperative. The usually break their rush from place to place for photographers. They even pose and smile for humble photographers like me.

The Pretty Face Of Globalization

The fashion event not only shows the state of the art of the industry it also displays the pretty face of  globalization. The event mirrors the different entities and tastes of the world.

This time I spotted a lot of  models and designs from Asia, especially  from Japan.

The New York Fashion Show is not just an arena for supermodels and celebrities. The event also seems to be a spring board for newcomers. A lot of fledging models appeared on the place before the opera house - new blood for the fashion industry.

                                                                  Pink Is The New Black?

Many of the female photographers (bloggers?) are (almost) as beautiful and fashionable as the models. And some of the models join the crow of spectators. Sometimes it is not clear who is a participant at the fashion show or just one of the spectators. But who cares?

The late summer weather in the recent days also cooperated. Blue sky and temperatures in the 70s Fahrenheit (20 plus Celsius) completed the empire of beauty.

The result is a huge pile of amazing pictures. This post shows just a selection of around 60 pics out of more than 700 photos.


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