Sunday, November 2, 2014

Street Art New York: What`s Going On In Lower Manhattan - November 2014 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - The world is continuously changing. This is especially true in the world of street art. Almost any day some new mural, graffiti or other image appears in downtown Manhattan. Since my latest street art report from October 2014 (driveby) I spotted a lot new works on the streets of Lower East Side, East Village and Soho.

On the top of this post you can see the new mural at the front of ABC No Rio, a place for alternative culture, on Rivington Street (Lower East Side). This is the work of Dasic Fernandez, a street artist from Chile (americas  dasic )

I also enjoyed the new mural on the wall of Rag & Bone, a fashion shop on East Houston Street by an artist who names himself Jerkface (jerkfacenyc). The other new comers on the mural front are fun too.

                                                             Mecca For Street Art Lovers

Above this paragraph you can see some works by New York`s Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, a collective of street artists who show their own works and murals by invited participants (centre-fuge). As usual the murals are sprayed on a trailer on First Avenue, between East Houston and First Street East, which has been a mecca for street art lovers for years.

As usual, some artists, put their work on doors. I found the helicopter on Stanton Street and the wrestlers on 214 Lafayette Street, an elitist residential place (curbed).

There were new stencils too of course, as usual funny and sometimes provocative. Enjoy!

To be continued.

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