Monday, October 6, 2014

Street Art New York: What`s Going On In Lower Manhattan - October 2014 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - It seems the work of a street artist is never done. Almost any day some new mural, graffiti or other image pops up in downtown Manhattan. Since my latest street art report from September 2014 (driveby). I found a lot new works on the streets of Soho, East Village and Lower East Side.

 My favorite this month is a mural by the London based artist Conor Harrington (top of the post  contemporary). You can find  the almost photo-realistic work on the Suffolk Street facade of Streit’s Matzo factory in New York´s Lower East Side (Suffolk Street between Rivington and Stanton).

Abpve this paragraph you can see the adjoining work by "thedrif", an Latin American street artist (instagram). I enjoy the composition of the colorful splatters, which might remind of the Big Bang when a split-second after its start our universe was just a cloud of chaotically swirling particles.

There were more new murals which got my attentions, of course.

                                                             Season For Stencils

And there is always season for stencils.

To be continued.

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