Sunday, October 26, 2014

Contemporary Art New York: New Gallery Shows On Lower East Side, October 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York`s Lower East Side has a very active gallery scene. It seems that the art brokers in downtown Manhattan are catching up to the prestigious galleries in the Chelsea area. Almost every day there is an opening reception that starts an exhibition of contemporary art - and on some days there are more opening parties at the same time. Here is my harvest from the recent days:

Envoy Enterprises (87 Rivington St. envoy) has a show with works by Micki Pellerano called "Monoliths" (through November 23rd 2014). The graphite drawings  (graphite on paper) remind me a bit to early science fiction movies from the defunct soviet union.

A stark contrast offers an exhibition @ Dacia Gallery (53 Stanton St. ). They have a group show called "Protinus" (through November 7th, 2014  dacia). Above this paragraph you can see a work by Alonsa Guevara. I find the technique - the painting is based on a collage - interesting. It looks a bit like a movie projected on a wall with pictures.

Nikolina Kovalenko`s painting, inspired by Sandro Botticelli`s "The Birth of Venus", also caught my eyes.

The paintings by Thomas Legaspi and Tom Hoffman are eye catchers too.

If you like it more abstract, the neighbour frosch&portmann (53 Stanton Street ) shows works by Magnolia Laurie (through November 23rd, 2014 froschportmann). Above this paragraph are some examples for this artist´s work.

                                                         Deconstructed Revisionism


@ Lu Magnus (55 Hester St) you can see an exhibition called "Deconstructed Revisionism" (through November 23rd 2014  lumagnus). This is a collection of works by Caitlin Masley.

The Lodge Gallery (131 Chrystie Street ) offers an exhibition with the title Madness by different artists (through November 2nd, 2014  thelodge). The show seemed a bit tame to me, but anyway I found some interesting pictures there as you can see above.


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