Thursday, February 26, 2015

Contemporary Art: Call and Response @ Gallery Gavin Brown`Enterprise, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I love contemporary art. I really enjoy the variety of ideas, colors and shapes. The art gallery Gavin Brown`s Enterprise on New York`s Greenwich Street has a nice survey of current trends called: "Call and Response" (through Saturday February 28, 2015 gavinbrown).

They used just a single room and crammed it with works from almost 60 artists (!). Some of the paintings would have impressed more if that had a whole wall for herself but ….

Anyway, "Call and Response" is a cutting-edge show and gives a impression of new trends in the world of visual arts.

                                                       Burning the Candles at Both Ends

Some of the displayed works are sticking out of the deluge. On the top of this post you can see "Untitled" by Merlin Carpenter (2015, acrylic and spray paint on cardboard). Does it show the earth plagued with global warming?

Above this paragraph follow Michael Williams`"Happy Anniversary Gandma Dave" (2013, Inkjet and airbrush on canvas) /Matt Connors`"LARGE REAL BOTTOM (pink and black) (2015, acrylic on wood); David Korty`s "Title TBC" (2015, Ink, goauche, paper and canvas); Michela Eichwald´s  "Title TBC" (2015, Oil, acrylic, spray paint, lacquer, graphite on grey leather); Joe Bradley`s "Colonel" (2014, oil on canvas) & Sophie von Hellermann`s "Burning the Candles at Both Ends" (2015,Oil on canvas).

It is interesting that some artists take the effort to find funny names for their work and others don´t seem to care.

Above this paragraph you can see Pietr Schoolwerth`s, "Take Out #5
" (2014, Oil, acrylic, and giclée print on canvas); Eric Palgon`s "Untitled, (Breisheet) 67 x  60 (170 2 x 153,7 cm); Klanja Storbert`s, "Untitled" (2015, Ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper); Rebecca Morris`, "Untitled (#02-14)" (2014, Oil and spray paint on canvas) & Uri Aran´s, "Untitled" (2014, Ink, acrylic, pencil and mixed media on high density overly panel).

The good old "oil on canvas" seems to be out of fashion, now acrylic, ink, spray paint and more are en vogue.

At first I didn´t recognize the funny head above, but the camera helped me to focus: "Title TBC" by Avery Singer (2015); I have no idea what the image below that is about, but I like it anyway: Untitled" by Scott Reedr (2014, Acrylic on canvas) and Torey Thornton called his fruity looking painting: "A Friend Of Goblets With Quench Like Dome" (2015, Acrylic paints, oil pastel, nail polish, graphite and collage on paper).

Regarding Jeff Fuller`s, "The Persistence of Memory" (2014, Acrylic, fabric dye and gesso on canvas) I like the composition of shapes & colors. Sean Landers called his work "Tartan Forest 2" (2015, Oil on  linen). In the case of Josh Smith`s work the spectators has the choice, the painting is "Untitled" (2012, 48 x 36 inches).

                                                 What are your limits for tonight?

As usual some of the images are funny and a bit provocative. Sanya Kantarovsky`s "Woman with Parakkeet" is something for the imagination (2014, Oil, watercolor, oil stick, pastel on linen)

Where did this flying witch hide her broom? Maybe she made it invisible. Dave Miko named his work "Fitful dreamer" (2015, Oil on aluminium)

Ella Kruglyanskaya`s "Untitled (Drawing on Taupe Background)" looks conservative. But the painting is cute anyway (2014, Oil and oil bar on linen).
It seems that Julia Wachtel had a lot of fun as she created her "Grasp" (2014, Oil and acrylic ink on canvas).
Antek Walczak`s, "Evolution of the Right to Sexuality: Transparent and Code, 2014 (bios dif. 2 (2015, Oil and acrylic on canvas) speaks for itself.


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