Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Contemporary Art: Flying Houses & More

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary art is a wonderland full of surprising and funny things. A a two person show @ gallery Muriel Guepin (83 Orchard muriel) confirms this  (through February 22): Laurent Chéhère "Flying Houses" and Patrick Dintino "Spectrum Paintings".

I enjoyed Chéhère`s collages (here his website laurent). The French photographer, who had worked before his artistic career for clients such as Audi and Nike, seems to tell funny stories in his surrealistic pictures.

The images make me really curious. What is going on in the flying hotel above?


                                                                Rainbows On Canvas

Patrick Dintino`s rainbows deliver a fine contrast. His paintings (oil on canvas) remind me of the library I once had. One shelf was covered with books from Edition Suhrkamp, by a German publisher, each one in a different segment of the colors of the spectrum.

                                                        Industrial Cattle Farming

And there is more. Muriel Guepin`s neighbour Artifact Gallery (84 Orchard Street artifact) shows works by Daniela Alfarano, Michael Hirschbichler & Sven Nielsen (through February 22, 2015).

Above you can see 2 works by Michael Hirschbichler. The Austrian artist seems to be fascinated by massive buildings (atelier-hirschbichler).  The columns above remind me of the Italian architecture in the times of Mussolini.  The second painting - called "slaughterhouse coplex" - "monumentalises the logistical process of industrial cattle farming", explains the website frameweb, a service that focuses on architecture & design (frameweb).

Above this paragraph you can see 2 paintings by Sven Nielsen. The first image looks like some complex microorganism or an alien life form, the second picture could show some flying objects from a science fiction movie.


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