Sunday, March 29, 2015

Contemporary Art: 2015 Triennial @New Museum, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I enjoy cutting edge art and I am interested in new and provocative developments in the world of art. One of these places where I can see new developments is the New Museum on New York´s trendy Bowery  (newmuseum).

Last week I visited their 2015 Triennial, called "Surround Audience" (through May 25th, 2015  (triennial). The exhibiton, which spreads over 4 floors, aims to explore "the future of culture through the art of today", whatever that means. Anyway, I enjoyed most of the displayed paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos and installations (here 2 links to more professional articles about some of the highlights artnews  douglas). Here are my favorites:

Above you can see a portrait of the transgender artist and performer Juliana Huxtable, called: Juliana Huxtable Untitled in the Rage (Nibiru Cataclysm) from the “UNIVERSAL CROP TOPS FOR ALL THE SELF CANONIZED SAINTS OF BECOMING” series, 2015 Inkjet print.

I am quite fascinated by Frank Benson`s sculpture "Juliana" (2015), which I show above and below in total and details. The figure is another portrait of Juliana Huxtable (observer)

                                                                   The New Psychology

 I can not identify the origin of the painting which seems to be an advertisement for Samsung, but I like it anyway. It is followed by "And We Begin to Let Go" by Njideka Akunyili Crosby. (2013Acrylic, pastel, charcoal, collage, and xerox transfers on paper 84 x 105 in (213.4 x 266.7 cm))

Above you can see Njideka Akunyili Crosby,`s collage "Thread" (2012) and a detail of this work.

I also enjoy the blue unidentifiable blue drawing above, followed Avery Singer`s work "Untitled" ( 2015) and a detail of that.

Above "Rusty Mirage (The City Skyline, 2013) by Kilunaji Kia Henda .

I believe the man with the red head belongs to  José León Cerrillo's installation"The New Psychology" series (2015). Below that you can see Eva Kotátková’s installation “Not How People Move But What Moves Them” (2013).

Above Guan Xiao`s work "The Documentary: Geocentric Puncture" (2012) followed by a sculpture which might be African.

Abvoe some impressions from Josh Kline`s instalation "Freedom" (2015.)

                                                      Important Part Of The Show

As usual I add some pics from the visitors who are an important part of the show in my opinion.


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