Thursday, July 2, 2015

Culture: FIFA Women`s World Cup Canada - The Future Of Soccer?

(Drivebycuriosity) - I am watching the current soccer world championship, the FIFA Women`s World Cup Canada 2015, on TV (fifa). This is a lot of fun. The matches are as fast, dynamic and thrilling like the male`s world cup last summer. They show all the surprises and dynamics you can enjoy in men´s soccer. The penalty shooting at the end of the quarter-finale decision between Germany and France was nail biting and the English self goal in the 92nd minute of their semi-finale against Japan was heartbreaking. And girls teams add a lot beauty & sexyness. Its a pleasure to watch the pretty girls moving on the lawn. Best of both worlds!

And the women`s competition seems to be less shaped by traditions than the male world cup.  This week`s victory of the US team against Germany would have been a sensation in a male championship. The final - US versus Japan - would have been almost inconceivable in a male soccer championship, where still the traditional soccer nations - like Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain & England - rule. There has never been a US or Japanese team part of the final four of a global soccer tournament. I think that the women´s competition reflects the modern world better than the male counterpart. Maybe the the FIFA Women`s World Cup Canada 2015 shows the future of soccer.

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