Sunday, July 5, 2015

Culture: A Visit @ Whitney Museum Of American Art, New York

Drivebycuriosity) - There is a lot of ado about the "new" Whitney Museum Of American Art (99 Gansevoort Street whitney). The huge art collection had moved from New York´s Upper East Side down to Manhattan´s classy Meatpacking district on the Hudson River. The relocated museum opened this May with a lot of applause.

Recently my wife and I visited the place. We were impressed, the huge praise is well deserved. We saw a gorgeous collection of art works. And the building itself - and the location (at the southern end of The Highline, a park on a disused New York Central Railroad spur) is worth a visit. The Whitney is of course a magnet of the public. Buying tickets online in advance (at least one day before the visit) is recommended.

I show her my very personal visits, mostly somewhat "inter-active" with spectators to give an impression of the popularity. On top of this post you can see Mark Rothko`s "Four Darks in Red" (1958, oil on canvas). I think this is one of his best pieces.

Above Georgia O'Keffe`s wonderful "Music, Pink and Blue No. 2" (1918, Oil on canvas).

The girl above this paragraph takes a look on Edward Hopper`s "Seven A.M. "(1948, Oil on canvas).

These visitiors seem to be fascinated by Chuck Close`s "Phil" (1969, Acrylic and graphite pencil on canvas)

Here is someone contemplating on Alma Thomas` Mars Dust (1972, Acrylic on canvas)

These girls are studying Martin Wong`s "Big Heat" (1986, Acrylic on linen)

                                                       Rational Irrationalism

Maybe she also is irritated by Alvin Loving`s contradictory "Rational Irrationalism" (1969, Acrylic on shaped canvas)

I consider Keith Mayerson`s "9-11" (2007, Oil on linen) as powerful & shocking.

I enjoy the simple elegance of  Edward Ruscha`s  "Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights" (1962, Oil, house paint, ink,and graphite pencil on canvas)

Thomas Hart Benton´s "Poker Night (from A Streetcar Named Desire)" (1948, Tempera and oil on linen) is also an eye catcher.

I am impressed by the dynamic:  George Bellows` "Dempsey and Firpo" (1924, Oil on canvas)

I admire the style & originality of Jared French`s "State Park" (1946, Tempera on composition board). Awsome how he worked with skin colors.

I think Carrol Dunham´s "Large Bather (quicksand)" (2006-12, Polyurethane, pigment, and graphite pencil on linen) is really funny

                                                                        Great Views

The Whitney rewards her visitors also with the great views you can get there on the neighborhood and on Manhattan, as you can see below:


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