Saturday, July 4, 2015

Europe: Why I Am Warming Up For The Greek Referendum

(Drivebycuriosity) - The countdown runs. Tomorrow the Greek will decide if they want to cure their economy by savings measures as demanded by the European Community & IMF (YES) or to continue the messy socialist experiments of their unreliable government (No) (marginalrevolution  economist ).

In the beginning I was against the refenderum. I thought this is just another trick of the Greek government`s ridiculous games against the rest of the world (driveby). But now I am warming up for the refenderum. My change of mind got encouraged by a headline of the liberal online magazine Quartz: "Greece’s referendum shows you can have too much democracy" ( Really?  "Some things are too important to be left to voters", they claim. I think this shows how anti-democratic many of the American leftwinger think. It seems that they prefer an autocratic goverment who decides what "is good for the people" like the situation you could see in many socialist countries.

Tomorrow the Greek have the chance to decide against the socialist policy, which has run down the country, and to bring Greece onto a more sustainable path. "Many Greeks are sick and tired of the bloated public sector and its corruption, inefficiency and waste", writes Alex Tabarrok (marginalrevolution). Maybe a yes-vote will cause the resignation of some irrational leftwinger. Fingers crossed for a victory of reason.

PS For illustration I used an image of the Greek model Jennie Lattou as a symbol for the positive sides of Greece.

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