Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stock Market: The China Crash Revisited

(Drivebycuriosity) - There is a lot ado about the crash on China´s stock market. But the Shanghai composite, a gauge for China´s stocks , is still up 13% year-to-date and holds still a gain of 72% for the recent 12 months. Most people who have been investing there are still sitting on solid gains.

And the talk about China´s faltering economy doesn`t stand reason. The country has already created 7 million jobs this year (businessinsider). In June industrial production grew 6.8%, faster than in May (plus 5.9%), and retail sales growth accelerated to plus 10.6% (May 10.1% (foxnews). This is partly a response to reduced interest rates and other measures to rekindle economic growth. China is also benefitting from the sharp fall of oil and other commodity prices.

The facts show that China`s economy is much healthier than the media in the West wants you to believe. I think, the "China crash" will soon be forgotten.

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