Monday, August 31, 2015

Street Art: Sex In The City - NSFW

(Drivebycuriosity) - The US is usually very prudish, even more than Great Britain, but there are exceptions. New York´s street artists like to challenge, to tease and to provoke. On the streets of New York City you can find a lot of art work which is erotical, sexy and sometimes not NSFW. Some works are kinky, some might even be smut. But artists use their freedom of expression.

 I show here a selection of images I have been collecting in the recent years. All these picture are or have been public and on New York`s street.

This post is a documentary of public art - and it is a piece of art itself! So brace yourself to a collection which might entertain, but sometimes also may offend you. And be warned: Some of the pics are certainly NSFW.

But let the pictures speak for themselves.

                                                         Freedom Of Expression


                                                                    Mysterious Doll

I found this mysterious doll on Delancey Street. The next day she had disappeared.

                                                                Kinky Stencils