Thursday, August 27, 2015

Contemporary Art: Chason Matthams @ Thierry Goldberg, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary Art is often very funny. Thierry Goldberg Gallery on 103 Norfolk Street in New York`s fast gentrifying Lower East Side has an example for that. The art dealer shows works by Chason Matthams (Through September 13th 2015 thierrygoldberg).

I think this artist has a lot of humor. As you can see he combines popular cartoons with copies of traditonal art work. Art or not, at least his painting are entertaining and I admire the artist´s technical qualities. But let the pictures speak for themselves.

Above you can see: "Daffy Duck with ´The Ecstatic Virgin Anna Katharina Emerich` by Gabriel Von Max" (2015, oil and acrylic on cotton) and below this paragraph an image of the original (wikimedia).

                                             Daffy Duck Meets Leonardo da Vinci

Above this paragraph: "Daffy Duck and Leonardo da Vinci`s flower study" (2015, oil and acrylic on cotton).

This work is called "When I survey the glorious cross, Fabelar`s 3D Marge Simpson with ´Jeff and some Aliens` background" (2015, oil and acrylic on cotton)

Athena & Zeus (2015, oil on linen)

 "Large warm playback" (2015, oil and acrylic on panel) & "An uninvited audience (the peanut gallery)" (2015, acrylic on cotton)

Maybe in the next century the observers will wonder what this device was for. The artist calls this work: "Untitled (digital camera with red playback)" (2013, oil on panel)


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