Friday, September 18, 2015

Contemporary Art: The Magic Of Imagination @ Governors Island Art Fair 2015

(Drivebycuriosity) - If you are an art lover and near New York you might go to Governors Island this weekend. The tiny island, which is just a short ferry ride south of Manhattan, has the Governors Island Art Fair 2015 on every weekend this September. The organizers gave 100 artists 100 rooms to decorate which lead to a fascinating kaleidoscope of contemporary art and shows the magic of human imagination.

Some days ago I reported about my impression from my first visit  there (driveby). Last weekend I came back and completed my tour. Here are my favorites from this visit. As usual are very subjective selection.

Above you can see the series "Water Fictions" by Ed Grant ()studio2g.. The artist started "with simple photographies of water". Then he manipulated the images with a special software ("pixel sorting script) and painted the results on canvas.

I am also fascinated by the atmospheric paintings by Hannah Hill (hannahhill), mostly oil and charcoal on primed paper.

These cute girls by Joohee Park aka Stickymonger (stickymonger) remind of the works by Margaret Keane (driveby).

Jaynie Crimmins (jayniecrimmins) created these sculptures, called "external factor", made with shredded household mail over armature, mounted on paper

These "Ceramic oddities" are the work by Sarah Louise Davey (davey).

Olalekan Jeyfifous (vigilism) build these "houses".

In Fort Jay (wikipedia) you can see some hightech installation, including these light projecting installation by Matt Brand (zintaglio).


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