Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Contemporary Art: Young And Hungry @ Con Artist, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Competition is everywhere. The market is flooded with artists who try to make their name. The Con Artist  gallery on New York´s gentrifying Lower East Side (119 Ludow Street conartist ) is one of the organizations which is supporting them. They have now a show called the "People´s Choice Award". Visitors can vote for one of the art works displayed there (award).

I like the selection. The paintings & collages are fresh. The titel are sometimes provocative and the prices are surprisingly low. The rock singer David Byrne lamented the other day that contemporary art is so expensive that just  the one-percent could afford it (driveby). This show proofs that this rant is ill-founded. It looks like that the displayed artists are all young and hungry.

I show here my favorites from around 60 works, as usual a very subjective selection.

On top of this post you can enjoy Ashley Thompson´s work, which is offered for $999.99, followed by Astrid Brucker`s "Random Blue Lady" (Watercolor) for just $180;

Caroline Yopes calls her painting "You May Not Suck My Titties" (Water and colored pencil on canvas). The price tag is $100. What do we get for $200?

Melissa Dowell named her works "Untitled I" and "Untitled II". You can choose which is which. Both are Screen print on 23 K gold leaf and cost S200 each;

Another "Untitled". This one is by Zoe Panya,  (Mixed media paper collage canvas), just  $50;

Sorry I lost the tag for the pic above, but it´s nice anyway;

Patricia Varela calls her painting "Self Portrait" (Graphite, colored pencil on paper;)

Above you can see Jon Mann`s "Summer Breeze" (Colored pencil on paper) $400;

This is Meirav Ong`s "Broken" (Oil, stick, graphite pastel on canvas), $600

                                                             Say Crack Again

Above  "I hear they live in crematoriums" by Georgia Hinaris (oil on plywood) $500

Emil Tibell`s "Carnal Christ" (Collage).

Danielle Nir has humor. She named her work "Say Crack Again" (Acrylic on canvas) $80.

Something to wonder at: Sean Sweeney`s "Untitled" (oil on panel), $500

Marine Assaiante named her work "Eight (8)" (acrylic on canvas) $200.


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