Saturday, November 28, 2015

Contemporary Art: Appealing Nudes @ Dacia Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary art has many faces. Many artists create abstract compositions, others compose figurative images. There is still a large group who focuses on painting appealing nudes. Some of them you can spot @ the active Dacia Gallery on New York´s fast gentrifying Lower East Side (53 Stanton Street daciagallery) has a show with paintings & drawings by Patricia Watwood, called "New Narratives" (through December 13, 2015).

On top of this post you can see "The Sixth Extinction" ($45,000). The press release says: "The three women are allegorical figures:  Gaia, the primordial earth goddess, a caryatid and a naiad - all classic characters drawn from the history of art and cast to symbolize humanity’s precarious position."

Below "Pink Sybil" ($4,000 ) followed by "Eurycle in the Under World" (detail):

I also like her drawings: "Lunette I" ($1,800) followed by "Fallen Caryatid II (bridge); "Fallen Caryatid III (factory)" ($,2400) & "Fallen Caryatid I (snake)" each $,2400:


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