Sunday, November 22, 2015

Contemporary Art: With A Little Help Of The 3D Printer @ Gallery Kansas, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - It seems that artists are under a lot of competitve pressures these days. Some use new technologies like 3D printers to distinguish themselves. You could see that for instance @ gallery Kansas in New York`s Lower East Side  (210 Rivington Street kansasgallery). The art dealer is showing shows works by Ethan Greenbaum. The exhibition is called "Flats" (through December 20, 2015).

From the press release: "Greenbaum uses a range of digital and sculptural processes to excavate and reframe the built environment. In some of his works the artist has printed photographs onto both sides of transparent panels, resulting in a dense layering of figure and ground.  The  final  work  is  embossed  with  a  low relief  impression  of  ceiling  tiles - topographical  surfaces similarly used to mask the internal wiring and pipe work in many buildings."

"Greenbaum also expands  series of low-relief 3D powder prints, increasing their scale and  incorporating  them within  an  architectural  installation  of  vinyl  wrapped  wooden  studs.  The  prints  begin  with dimensional scans of building materials like insulating foam, wood and ceiling tiles - often the same items used as molds in  his  vacuum  forms.  The  scans  are then  wrapped  or  engraved  with  architectural  imagery  or  logos  recreated  from building  supply  brands. "

The press release also tells: "The  artist's  newest  series  of  photographs  on  carved  Corian  are  pulled  from his  archive  of  cell  phone  photos.  Using  3D  modeling  programs,  Greenbaum  converts  the  images  into  dimensional  surfaces that  are  then chiseled into sheets of Corian using a computer controlled router. The same photograph that generated the relief is then transferred  onto  the  surface  using  a  flatbed  printer. "

I think the result of these complicated process look appealing.


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