Saturday, November 28, 2015

Movies: Why "The Secret In Their Eyes" Is Such A Failure

(Drivebycuriosity) - Sometimes a movie is very disappointing even when the cast is spiced with big names. The film "The Secret in Their Eyes" is one of these failures (imdb). The prestigious cast - Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Dean Norris (from "Breaking Bad"), Michael Kelly &  Chiwetel Ejiofor - couldn´t save the weak project.

A girl got raped & murdered but the investigation gets hampered by a conflicting anti terror probe (this is a spoiler free blog). The plot is over-constructed, unbelievable and has to many logical gaps. Many alleged connections didn´t work.

"The Secret" is the remake of an Argentinian movie which earned in 2009 the Oscar as best foreign language movie of the year. The producers adapted the plot to the contemporary US but ruined the story totally. It seems that the makers thought that bringing together Kidman, Ejiofor & Roberts is a bankable idea, but that didn´t work out.

I consoled myself by focusing on Nicole Kidman. Apparently the plot was constructed around her sex appeal with no regard to the basic story. Her colleague  Julia Roberts would have deserved a better film as well. But even rich persons can (and want to) get richer.

Sorry, Roberts, Kidman & Co. you didn´t do a favor to your fans.

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