Thursday, December 10, 2015

Contemporary Art: Acquiring A Taste For Francis Bacon

(Drivebycuriosity) - "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". I needed some time to discover the beauty of Francis Bacon`s works. At first I was irritated as I spotted his "Three Studies of Lucian Freud", a portrait of his late violent lover, who had once kicked him through a glass door. The painting sold for an auction record of $142 million (wikipedia).  But after seing more of Bacon´s works I acquired a taste for his paintings. Thanks to his idiosyncratic style I can easily recognize "a Bacon" now.

Therefore I indulged into a show @ Gagosian Gallery (980 Madison Avenue New York gagosian): "Francis Bacon: Late Paintings". They had amassed more than 20 gorgeous paintings by the late artist. The works are loaned by famous museums like New York`s MoMA and London`s Tate, but also from private collections. Unfortunately photographing was strictly forbidden. All images are under copy right protection. With the help of Google Image I can give you  some impressions. Best you go there by yourself, but you have to hurry, the show ends this Saturday December 12, 2015 6pm.

On the top you can see Bacon´s "Second Version of Triptych 1944,"  from 1988.
  (wikimedia ) followed by “Triptych” (1991).

As you can see in his "Study from the Human Body"' (1981, oil on canvas)  above this paragraph (perfect) Bacon was obessed with muscles and sheer masculine power.

His “Self-Portrait” (1978), oil on canvas, (googleuser) also shows his very special forceful style.

Often he uses a lot of orange like in the painting above  (google)

Here another example for the brute force admired by the artist (not part of the show Guardian)


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