Thursday, December 3, 2015

Contemporary Art: Odyssey PandemOniom @ Galerie Richard, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like abstracts? You might enjoy a show at Galerie Richard on New York´s  Lower East Side (121 Orchard Street galerierichard ). The American branch of the Parisian art dealer has an exhibition with paintings by Joseph Nechvatal, called "Odyssey pandemOniom" (through December 16, 2015).

The press release explains: "The centrality of his oeuvre revolves around computer-generated viruses that he created in C++ in collaboration with programmer Stephane Sikora. In his paintings, the computer virus surfaces as the active agent which manipulates and corrupts the information stored in the image (the host), decreasing its integrity. This corruption allows Nechvatal to use the virus as a painting implement; therefore it can be viewed as a constructive, creative process" (presse ).

I like the cool elegance and the way the pictures are composed - computer virus or not. You can see here my favorites from the show, as usual a very subjective selection.


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