Saturday, February 13, 2016

Contemporary Art: Bluing @ Simon Preston Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like abstracts. At Simon Preston Gallery on New York`s  Lower East Side (301 Broome Street simonpreston) you could find some beautiful examples. The art dealer exhibits works by British painter Nick Goss. The show is called "Bluing".

The press release explains "The title Bluing takes its name from a commonly used laundering technique. A chemical process that distorts the way we see, tricking the viewer into seeing something brighter than the reality. The color blue maintains historical associations in both art and music, often being deployed to induce or reflect a certain melancholic state."

The press release also reports that "Goss incorporates a diverse set of techniques that, in turn, expose the location’s layered psychological qualities. Experimenting with salt and fabric dye, soaking the raw linen and allowing them to react with each other, enables process to dictate the space within the paintings. The salt and dyes express ideas of entropy and fading memory – of a bluing, waterlogged world. The technique of staining linen, together with stenciling and screen-printing, is contrasted with tighter more brittle drawing and mark making. Obliquely distorted and incomplete compositions evoke a fragmented impression of the eclectic interior."

I display here my favorites from the exhibition, as usual a very subjective selection.

You can see from above: "Windmill" (2015, oil, acrylic and screen print on linen); "Add Bleach" (2015, oil and screen print on linen); "Wash n wear" (2015, oil, acrylic, fabric dye, screen print and oil pastel on linen); "Cascade" (2015, oil, acrylic, screen print and oil bar on linen); "Mirror" (2015, oil, acrylic, screen print and oil pastel on linen) & "Powders" (2015, acrylic, piment and screen print on herrinbone linen).

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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