Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Contemporary Art: Modern Expressionist Master Pieces @ Gallery Artifact, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Sometimes I fall in love with a painting. This happened again last week as I vistited gallery Artifact in New York´s Lower East Side (84 Orchard Street artifactnyc). The art dealer shows figurative works by Sarah Mitchell Munro ( facebook).

The artist from New Zealand spealizes on figurative paintings with an abstract touch (sarahmitchellmunro  .contemporaryartcurator). Her works remind me of Californian Expressionism, the "Bay Area Figuartive Movement", and painters like Richard Diebenkorn & Elmer Bischoff  (wikipedia). This style is also called "Abstract Expressionism". There also might be influences by surrealism and the psychadelic art.

Anyway, these paintings are amazings. Munro had developed her own style as you can see. I indulge into the blurred visions (the women there almost appear like ghosts), the alluring colors and the demonstration of light.

The painting above is called "Anne on the Stairs"  (2014, oil on canvas, 100x150cm).

                                                      Cinematic Conversions

According to the artist´s website, Munro is  "interested in how cinematic conventions can be employed in painting, she films her subject, capturing moments that might otherwise go unseen. While faithful to the photographic source, she stays open to the alchemy of painting generating a play between realism and abstraction".

Above this paragraph you can see "The Hallway",  (2015, oil on canvas, 100x150cm).

Above "The Window" (2015, oil on canvas, 75x100cm).

                                                          Alchemy Of Painting

Above "The Bed" (2015, oil on canvas, 75x100cm).

 Above "The Sofa" (2015, oil on canvas, 100x150cm). plus "Her Hands", (2015, oil on canvas, 100x150cm).

Let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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