Friday, February 5, 2016

Contemporary Art: Work In Progress @ Shin Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - It´s fascinating to watch artists creating their works. Shin Gallery in New York`s trendy Lower East Side (322 Grand Street shin-gallery) gives the chance to do so. They have an installation called "Do I wake or Do I Sleep?" (through February 21, 2016  Exhibition). Part of the show is a performance announced for February 19th, 7pm to 9pm.

Yesterday I was there and I saw the artist, Kenumin Lee, working on his paintings. According to the press release the Korean artist created most of his work around the croner at ShinGallery´s project space, Orchard Street, and transitioned his process with the gallery. On top of this post you can see Keunmin working at Grand Street and above him working at Orchard Street, a picture I took already in December.

Above some more pictures I took at Grand Street. From the press release: "Keunmin Lee paints uninhibitedly. His figurations slither, slide, and writhe from his paintbrush and onto the canvas with a nihilistic countenance looking to plot their nefarious liberation. They are betrayed, though, by their warm, nascent composition and embryonic posturing, radiate an earthly vulnerability."

"The installation, dotted with floor-stained paint smears and scattered brush canisters, emulates the aesthetic of the artist’s authentic workspace".


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