Saturday, March 19, 2016

Contemporary Art: Young Frankensteins @ Lesley Heller Workspace , New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York´s Lower East Side is famous for the density of pubs, bars & cafes. But the gentrifying neighborhood also has a nice selection of art galleries. One of the finest art places is @ Lesley Heller Workspace on 54 Orchard Street (lesleyheller). I have reported before about interesting shows there (here  here  here ).

The art dealer has a new group show, called "Young Frankensteins", curated by Peter Schenck (through April 03, 2016). I show here my favorites from the exhibition, a very subjective selection as usual. The pics all are shot with an iPhone 6s Plus.

Above you can see paintings by Annie Hémond Hotte: "The Prude Exhibitionist" (2016, Oil paint, oil bars and airbrush on canvas, 54 x 45 inches) folowed by "Eyes for Tits (Four Eyes)"  (2015, Oil paint on canvas, 24 x 26 inches) &  "The Feminist (Machine Guns)" (2015, Oil paint and oil bars on canvas, 33 x 40 inches ).

Above  "Clear and Present Danger" by Peter Schenck (2014-15, Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 22 x 22 inches).

Above Jaqueline Cedar`s "Walk, not run" (2015, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 60 inches) and a detail of the painting.

"Dig me out" by Sarah Faux (2015, oil on canvas, 72 x 56 inches).

                                                             I Can’t Stand Quicksand

Shara Hughes created  "I Can’t Stand Quicksand" (2014, oil on canvas, 54 x 56 inches) & "Loosey Goosey" (2014, Oil, acrylic, enamel, and spray paint on canvas, 32 x 28 inches).

"Cleaning Up" by David Humphrey (2014, acrylic on canvas, 44 x 54 inches).

Jeremy Roby`s "Broken, Bent, and Leaning" (2015, oil on canvas, 40.5 x 35.5); "The hope of even seeing you" (2015, oil on canvas, 22 x 26 inches) & "Just sit there and deal with it" (2015, oil on canvas,30 x 24 inches).  

"Double Dix" by Nicasio Fernandez (2015, Acrylic, oil, shower curtain on canvas, 60 x 60 inches) with details.

Finally: Alexi Worth`s "Green Moment" (2015, acrylic on mesh, 44 x 22 inches).


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