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Contemporary Art: Fall Auctions 2016 - A Visit @ Christie`s, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - It´s auction season again. Next week the global auction houses will have their huge fall auctions in New York City. This week my wife and I went to Christie`s, one of the global mega art traders  (christies). The place looks like a huge museum and could easily compete with New York´s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and other prestigious art institutions. As usual they display the art work to be auctioned on several floors (galleries @ 20 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan). It find it very kind to allow humble spectators like us to visit and enjoy all the precious displays. And they didn`t mind that I took a lot pictures there to get my personal collection.

Their catalogue has more than 300 items, a very impressive survey of contemporary art. I spotted many of my favorites, but also discovered some new & fascinating artists. I display here just my favorites from the exhibition of Post War & Contemporary Art to be auctioned next week, as usual a very subjective selection.

Above this paragraph you can see "Nurse Elsa" by Richard Prince (2002,  acrylic and inkjet on canvas). Estimated price $5,000.000 - 7,000,000.

Above you can see Francis Bacon`s "Portrait of a Man Walking" (ca. early 1953, oil on canvas).  This painter seems to be obsessed with power & muscles. This painting - which is unusually elegant - in`t part of the New York auction, instead it is ear marked for Hong Kong 23-28 November.

                                                             Discovery Of The Day

Above paintings by Adrian Ghenie (born 1977). I didn`t know this artist before - the  discovery of the day. I really love the artist`s humor, his surprising ideas & powerful compositions: "The Bridge" (2015, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 1,500,000 - USD 2,500,000, followed by "Flight into Egypt" (2008, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 800,000 - USD 1,200,000 & "Pie Fight Study" (Estimate USD 500,000 - USD 700,000).

Here another artist who shows humor: Peter Doig, "Olin MK IV Part 2" (1995-1996, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 5,000,000 - USD 7,000,000. Recently I spotted a similar painting by him (Hamburg, Deichtorhallen driveby).

                                                             Nice 'n Easy

The New York based artist John Currin, famous for his satirical and funny portraits, sees the things with humor as well. Above "Nice 'n Easy"  (1999, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 12,000,000 - USD 18,000,000. Currently Gagosion on New York`s Madison Avenue has more Currys @ their show "Nude - From Modigliani To Currin" (driveby). If you want to see more by this artist you might go visit "The Broad" in Los Angeles (driveby )

This paragraph opens with Alex Katz "Ulla" (2011, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 250,000 - USD 350,000 followed by Makoto Saito  "White Shadow" (2008, acrylic and oil ink on canvas) Estimate USD 180,000 - USD 220,000 & Magnus Plessen "Untitled" (2002, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 20,000 - USD 30,000

                                                        Meet The Germans

You could see a lot of Germans @ Christie`s, of course. Above Gerhard Richter`s "Abstraktes Bild (809-2)" (1994, oil on canvas,  (225 x 200 cm)) Estimate USD 18,000,000 - USD 25,000,000. Richter is still my favorite painter, even that I like many contemporary artists. The Art Institute of Chicago has an amazing collection of Richter`s, including the gorgeous "Woman Descending the Staircase" (driveby).

Above another favorite of mine: Neo Rauch. The artist, born in 1960, grew up in the communist Eastern Germany, influenced by the so-called socialist realism, a style of realistic art that was developed in the Soviet Union, and studied figurative painting (artinamerica). I love his paintings because he mixes realism with fantasy and  plays surrealist games on canvas. Maybe he shows alternate worlds. According to Wikipedia his "paintings mine the intersection of his personal history with the politics of industrial alienation. His work reflects the influence of socialist realism, and owes a debt to Surrealists Giorgio de Chirico and René Magritte" (wikipedia).

Above you can see "Vorort/Suburb" (2007, oil on canvas) Estimate $500,000-700,000

These girls seem to celebrate Anselm Kiefer. Rightly so. The German is one of the most influential artists of our time. Above "DIE GROSSE FRACHT (THE HEAVY CARGO)" (2005, oil, emulsion, metal mesh, steel and lead on canvas) Estimate USD 700,000 - USD 1,000,000.

Above a work by Georg Baselitz, a pioneer of German Neo-Expressionist painting: "Orangenesser VII/Orange Eater" (1981, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 1,000,000 - USD 1,500,000 followed by Albert Oehlen`s "Farbe in Bäumen/Color in Trees" (2005, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 400,000 - USD 600,000. The German had radical shifts in his work and style. W Magazin calls Oehlen the "change artist" (wmagazine).

                                                           Fertile Factory

There also was a product of Andy Warhol`s fertile factory of course: "Statue of Liberty" (1986, synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvas) Estimate USD 3,000,000 - USD 6,000,000.

Above two works by the American Wayne Thiebaud: "Girl in Striped Blouse" (1973-76, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 1,000,000 - USD 1,500,000 & "Half Salmon" (1961, oil on canvas) Estimate USD 800,000 - USD 1,200,

What a nice couple! George Seagal`s "Blue Girl in Black Doorway" (1979, painted plaster and wood construction) Estimate $50,000-70,000 & Tom Wesselmann`s "Monica Asleep on Blanket" (1985-91, enamel on laser-cut steel) Estimate $ 120,000-180,000.

Above an untypical Roy Lichtenstein work: "Despair" (1979, oil and Magna on canvas) Estimate USD 1,500,000 - USD 2,500,000.

                                                        The Last 5000 Years

I think this one has something: George Condo "Untitled" (2001, oil, acrylic and paper collage on canvas) Estimate USD 40,000 - USD 60,000.

Don´t ignore China: Yue Minjun "The Last 5000 Years" (1999, five elements-- acrylic on fiberglass-reinforced plastic) Estimate USD 120,000 - USD 180,000.

To be continued.

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