Saturday, November 26, 2016

Netflix: Binge Watching The Crown

(Drivebycuriosity) - I have been binge watching "The Crown" (imdb). Season 1 of the Netflix original series shows the first years of the British Queen, when her majesty was still peachy. I enjoyed the 10 one-hour episodes very much.

The series turned out more interesting than thought thanks to the superb actors. The British actress Claire Foy incarnates a witty young lady, a fitting fresh regent for the former Empire. I also enjoyed the characterizing of the young Prince Phillip:  Matt Smith plays a likeable somewhat snobbish man who has to deal with his new role as a drone. But they get over-trumped by John Lithgow as Winston Churchill who has to deal with age (approaching his 80s) and the ungratefulness of his people (a fate which Margaret Thatcher shared much later).  It´ s a lot fun to witness the late prime minister`s pungent humor and his sharp comments.

Screen writer Peter Morgan and the episode directors dramatized the historical plot nicely by showing some intrigues & a bit of adventures (wikipedia). The cinematographers Adriano Goldman & Ole Bratt Birkeland and the sound track intensify the pleasure of watching the show.

Well done Netflix!

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