Sunday, February 19, 2017

Contemporary Art: A Gallery Walk In Chelsea, New York, February 2017

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like contemporary art? Then you should visit Manhattan´s Chelsea area. There is a cluster of upmarket galleries which represent the state of the art. Recently my wife and I visited the district again. I have already reported about the amazing Adrian Ghenie show at Pace ( here) and the large scale abstracts at Gagosian (here). But there was much more to discover. Here are more favorites from this walk, a very subjective selection as usual (shot with an iPhone 7 plus).

On top of this post you can see "Pinball Cha Cha" by Gary Rudell (2015, oil on panel) discovered @ Gallery Henoch on 555 West 25th Street  (galleryhenoch ). Above this paragraph follow more images from this gallery:"Tribeca Intersection" by Richard Combes (2016, oil on canvas). How did he get this amazing mirror effect?  I am also fascinated by "Laguna Wave" by Todd Kenyon (2014, oil on canvas). I almost can hear the surf!

Above "Treading Water 1" by Eric Zener (2016, oil on canvas) & "Urban Mesmerism" by Alexandra Pacula (2017, Oil on canvas) also seen @ Gallery Henoch.

Above this paragraph follow images seen @ Stricoff Fine Art on 564 West 25th Street (stricoff): "Figure with Lilies" by Josh Bronaugh (2016, oil on panel) followed by Bronaugh`s "Mylar Blanket" (oil on blanket) & "Hannah" by Jacob Dhein (2016, oil on panel).

Above some images from Fredericks & Freiser on 536 West 26th Street (fredericksfreiser). They show works by David Humphrey. The exhibition is called "I am glad that we had this conversation": "Headquarters" (2016, Acrylic on canvas) followed by "Woodsman" (2016, Acrylic on canvas).

Above more paintings by David Humphrey @ Fredericks & Freiser: "Gathering Mud" (2016, Acrylic on canvas) & "Swimmer" (2016, Acrylic on canvas).


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