Sunday, March 26, 2017

Contemporary Art: Antoni Tàpies @ Nahmad Contemporary New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I like Antoni Tàpies. The Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist (1923-2012) created elegant & unique compositions by using basic materials.  I discovered his works while visiting his hometown Barcelona (here my post driveby ). The gallery Nahmad Contemporary on New York`s Upper East Side ( 980 Madison Avenue nahmad) has now a show with his paintings from 1970 - 2003 (through April 22, 2017 ). I present here my favorites from this exhibition, a very subjective selection as usual.

                                                  Marble Dust, Sand & Cement

On top of this post you can see "Escuma i fustes/Foam and Wood" (1986, Foam, twine, and mixed media on wood panel) followed by "Matèria-Base/Bae-Matter" (1995, marble dust and paint on wood panel); "Ovals i Objectes/oval Objects" (Oil, sand, and mixed media on wood panel) & "Negre amb Escuma/Black with Foam" (1987, Oil on canvas and oil and mixed media on wood Panel).

Above follow "Jo Parlo amb la Mà/I Speak to the Hand" (1999, Oil and sand on wood panel); "Manchas Negra y Flechas/Black Mark and Arrow" (1976, Acrylic on woolen blanket laid down on canvas) & "Mà sobre Terra/Hand on Earth" (2000, Wicker, oil, sand and cement on wood panel).



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