Monday, May 8, 2017

Culture: Impressions From Kristonfest @ Sala La Riviera, Madrid

(Drivebycuriosity) - Sometimes you get more than you expect. Before our vacation in Madrid my wife & I  purchased tickets for the Kriston Fest,  a rock concert @ Sala La Riviera (kristonfest). We don`t speak Spanish, so we couldn´t read their website and we didn`t download their app. It turned out that the event, which happened last Saturday, started at 6.30 pm (18:30) and ran the whole night through 6 am - about 12 hours. We had to catch at train on Sunday - so we left around midnight and watched just 4 of the scheduled 6 bands.

It was a lot of fun anyway. We experienced a mixture of different  rock music styles. Our favorite was Bongzilla, the second band of the event. Their style is called stoner-metal, defined as "slow-to-mid tempo, featuring a heavily distorted, groove laden bass-heavy sound" (wikipedia).  They indeed performed very rough riffs with psychedelic elements. The stage was filled with thick fog which intensified the hallucinative effect. You almost could get stoned by that.

We also liked Wovenhand, the numberr four of the show. Their concert began with a traditional folk music by Native Americans. The front man wore a hat which is popular with some American natives, like the Navajos, who live in Arizona. But I am not sure if he really belongs to this ethnic group. The band delivered rock ballads with some folk elements. 

Maybe sometime in the future we will visit another Kriston Fest.

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