Monday, May 8, 2017

Traveling: Impressions From Toledo, Spain

(Drivebycuriosity) - My wife and I are back in Spain. This is our second common vacation in the European country, after visiting Barcelona in 2015 (here my report driveby ). We started our travel in Toledo.

The place is called  the "Imperial City". Once the city was the seat of Charles V, King of Spain & Holy Roman Emperor. Today Toledo has about 70,000 residents and is build around a medieval center, a kind of fortress with a labyrinth of small streets, which show the influence of the great history and is shaped by generations of Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Toledo´s center is build on a hill and shaped by walls & towers which protected the city once against the various enemies.

Today it`s a lovely place to stroll and to enjoy life in & out the various cafes, bars & restaurants.

Espeically at night you can indulge into the medieval charm and the labyrinth becomes a magical place.

                                                            Valuable Income Source

Toledos`s main attraction is the majestic cathedral, which attracts a lot of tourists of course. It seems Toledo is well known in Asia and a valuable incomse source for the city.

The walls, roofs and spiritual segments - like chapels & altars - are covered with filigree artworks. I t looks like that in medieval times all spare income was invested into churches.

Parts of the huge church are very fanciful and display an orgy of colors & shapes.

I believe this segment shows a chapter from the bible. According to the holy book there was once a rebellion in heaven. The rebellious angels got thrown out and fell to hell.

Even the roof is partly covered with delicate paintings - I believe it`s called fresco.

The cathredal also has a small selection of paintings - including this Caravaggio, called "San Juan Bautista" (1594/95).

It`s tedious to climb up and down the mountain to the medieval center, especially when the sun burns. Fortunately the art two seperate elevator systems which moved us effortless up & down.

Toledo is konw for the early steel indusstry and has a history in the production of bladed weapons, espiecially swords, which are now popular souvenirs of the city.

Visiting Toledo is highly recommended

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