Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Traveling: Madrid Redux

(Drivebycuriosity) - My wife and I are back from Spain where we had traveled 3 weeks. After Sevilla & Granada we came back to Madrid (here my report form our first visit impressions). Again the weather was disappointing, but the city greeted us with another public holiday & major festival - the Feast of St. Isidro  (with prolonged the breakfast times in the hotels were stayed, a boon for jet lacked Americans).

Again we hiked over the elegant  avenues and explored parts of the vast city we hadn`t seen before.

Again we admired the architecture which are witnesses of a glorious history.

Above more examples for Madrid´s fascinating buildings.

And we discovered more traditional & cozy looking districts & streets in the vast city.

                                                    Flutes & Drums

Again we had the luck to spot a parade (apparently related to St. Isidro).

And I found more colorful & fancy images for my camera.

Again we had fun top observe Madrid`s street life.

Again we found some time to relax in some of the ubiquituos bars & cafes.

The hotel we used for our second stay (NH Vergara Madrid) had an amazing breakfast selection, which comforted for a weather which I had rather expected from Hamburg (Northern Germany).

Maybe we will come someday back to Madrid.

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