Sunday, May 7, 2017

Traveling: A Visit @ Caixa Forum, Madrid

(Drivebycuriosity) - When my wife and I visit a city then we use the occasion to take a look into the major museums. Madrid has a nice selection of fine museums, one of them is the Caixa Forum, named after the sponsor, a big bank.  The Caix doesn´t have an own collection instead they show temporary exhibitions - like New York´s New Museum. As we visited they had 3 fascinating shows:

There was an exhibition of large scale photographies from rural India, shot by Cristina García Rodero. I enjoyed the fanciful images, even the elderly ladies were dressed in rich colors.


Another show informs the autidence about the connections between art & cinema. We spotted there a lot movie posters, stills, video segments & more.

Fortunately the place was less crowded then the Prado so we could fully enjoy the exhibits.

Above a poster from Andy Warhol`s movie "Flesh", a still from a film classic by Jean Cocteau & a photography by Cindy Sherman.

                                                                   Tiger, Tiger

The tiger images above - I believe "oil on canvas" - look like a movie sequence.

The girl is watching a video which shows colors mingling slowly with water - a psychedelic sequence.

The third exhibition presents paintings by the Spanish artist Ramon Casas. It seems he made his living mostly with portraits, but he also produced humorous images, like him & a friend on a bicycle.

Casas also enjoyed the female shape as you can see above.


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