Thursday, August 31, 2017

Street Art New York: A Documentary - Summer 2017 Edition II

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York City has again a lovely summer with lots of sunshine and moderate temperatures (70s F, 20plus C). The pleasant weather seems also to inspire the street artists. In the recent weeks I spotted a lot of new murals & graffiti on the Streets of Lower East, Soho & East Village. So I post a second quarterly report for this summer, a very subjective selection as usual (here edition I ).

I spotted the girl photographing the blurred Mickey Mouse on Crosby Street between East Houston and First Street, a place where frequently amazing murals appear. The legs above walk @ corner of Stanton & Christie Street.

I caught these artists working @ the corner of Elizabeth Street & East Houston. This fashion shop sponsors frequently changing art work of high quality.

Some artist focused on cats. I saw the tiger on Lafayette and the lion looks on Allen Street.

There were of course more interesting murals - some of them you can see above.

I also spotted interesting shutter doors.

And the stickers & stencils industry was active as usual.

To be continued!

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