Saturday, March 9, 2013

Movies: Molly´s Theory of Relativity

Do you know Jeff Lipsky? This is a film maker who doesn`t get much attention. I guess "Molly´s Theory of Relativity" (imdb) won´t change that.

I left the cinema theater clueless. What the heck did Lipsky as the director & script writer try to tell us? Nothing happened, except some cooking and a lot of casual sex between a twenty something couple (i doubt that they would be admitted to a beauty contest).

The movie was mostly shot in one room and looked like a theater play. You could see a handful of adults and 2 kids who were all the time talking, even during cooking & sex.  The dialogues circled around about almost everything. Some of the text lines were smart, funny and hilarious, but most of the dialogues were petty and boring. And the flick was way too long, maybe the director should try to cut it too a short movie.

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